Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Ketchup Packet

Driving 4 hours back from a two-day business trip, I tell myself that if my oldest son completed his homework, I would take both boys to Chick-fil-a (our favorite place to dine).  I go into the school to pick them up from after-school care to find out that homework was not totally completed (“because I […]

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Kids Spell the Darnest Things

I know that “virgin” is not a bad word…the billboards all around town say so – literally. But, it is still not a word that my husband or I want to have to explain to my 7 year old…not yet. So, last weekend when my husband and daughter were driving through the city and came […]

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The “Go Bag”

The “go” bag, which is my husband’s term for the bag we’re taking to the hospital, has been the topic of constant discussion in my house for the last two months. At first it was which bag do we take? Then it became what do I need to pack? And now it’s when are you […]

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Children in Playroom

Children without Borders

Ten days of vacation has transformed me from Joan Crawford to a hybrid of Martha Stewart and MacGyver with hair that is not as lustrous.   My two children and I spent long days together playing games, taking field trips and generally being agreeable with each other.  So much so that they commented on how much […]

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