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Should Have Looked That One Up

About three weeks ago I noticed a small itchy rash on my 6-year old’s leg.  “I didn’t think we had any poison oak in the yard,” I said to him.  Oh, and the patch of the alleged poison oak was also in a perfectly round shape.  He didn’t complain too much about the itch and […]

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Order Up!

Dinner time is chaotic around here. Well, let me clarify. When the three of us actually sit down to eat, it’s really quite nice. We have always valued the sanctity of the family meal…the kids know that I feel very strongly about taking a few moments to relax and share the best parts of our […]

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Kiddie Academy Boo Pencil 2

Ghost on a Stick

School rules sometimes squish the kids’ fun (but they’re important just the same.) Our school is nut-free and candy-free at Halloween.  But that doesn’t stop the super moms from sending in fun stuff for friends.  Here’s a creative, non-candy idea for Halloween that’s easy for busy moms. Especially good alternative for sending treats to school. Pencil […]

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It’s Okay to Talk About It

I read an article on NPR yesterday that talked about the difficulties of parenthood and how admittance of this fact comes with the stigma that you aren’t normal or are an unfit parent. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay to talk about it, and more importantly, it’s okay to feel beat down by […]

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mom on the phone

Plugged In

I was listening to public radio the other day and I heard a great story about multi-tasking. The point of the segment was that all of the technology that we rely on daily has actually changed the way our brains function. Our brains (and those of our teenagers) have actually changed to accept lots of […]

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The Magic Robe

I have a magic robe. My husband surprised me with this red fleece robe a few weeks before I gave birth to our daughter. It was intended to keep me cozy during my maternity leave in the middle of winter. I have learned, however, that it possesses magic powers. These powers don’t allow me to […]

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