Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Three Rs

Yesterday, I threw away a soda bottle. I just threw it in the garbage with no thought to where it came from or where it would end up, whether or not it began its life as a tire or if it would end up as a disposable diaper. I just didn’t care. Except that I […]

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Ladies’ Night

Six Saturdays from now is blocked off on my calendar. Well, all of my calendars: the work one, the personal one, and the one I share with my children’s father. There are few details on that calendar entry; all it says is “Ladies’ Night.” It started off as “Girls’ Night,” but then I got a […]

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family and television

End of an Era

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported on all the ways you can stream movies and television in the wake of the Netflix change in business model and communications debacle.  Two months ago, my husband and I made a huge leap and canceled cable television in favor of streaming movies and television. It wasn’t a quick […]

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The Fight

I was at work yesterday and my phone rings.  As most people do, I checked the phone number to see if I recognized it.  It was one of those familiar looking numbers that I just couldn’t place.  So, feeling like I needed to add a little risk to my day in the office, I answered the […]

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