Monthly Archives: February 2012


Moving Day

There are few things in life that are more universally loathed than moving. Moving is one of those shared human experiences, regardless of nationality, creed, or political affiliation that brings us all together, in a mutual distaste for utility companies, broken furniture, and cardboard boxes. So it is with much sighing that I find myself […]

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Can I teach my Daughter Confidence Now?

I call my 13-month-old daughter beautiful every day. I tell her she’s so pretty. I smile when my husband looks down at her smiling face and says it, but are those words going to give her confidence down the road as a teenager? In a TODAY article, teen girls are asking the Internet if they […]

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Top 10

In honor of my little sister, who is about to have her first child, I thought I would put together a Top 10 List: Things I Wish I Had Known. 10.  Buy a good washer/dryer. The amount of laundry that one infant dirties violates every law of physics and matter…it multiplies exponentially. 9.  Don’t tiptoe […]

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