Monthly Archives: March 2012

He’s a Runaway

Recently, my older son, who is now eight, has been learning to deal with his emotions.  He has a tendency to turn small episodes into large emotional outbursts.  After talking to friends, I have discovered this is a normal developmental stage that he will outgrow, though not soon enough for me.  Last Saturday, after getting up, […]

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Changing Child Care is No Joke

Before I had a child, child care was just one more thing that came with the territory, a necessity for working parents. When I became pregnant, researching and finding child care suddenly became an overwhelming task, but without knowing exactly what to look for or expect it wasn’t real. It was like the empty crib […]

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As a single mom, I find myself bearing the majority of the child-rearing heavy-lifting. Occasionally (frequently), I find myself needing a little reminder that there are bigger and more important things in life than the minutiae of motherhood. In fact, I need this reminding so often that I’ve started a note on my iPhone. I […]

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