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history lesson

History Lesson

My daughter has started her state history unit in school. I remember 2 years ago when my son had the same unit. It was fun to talk with him about the rich history of our state. But, what I am noticing is that although it may be the same teacher teaching the same unit, what […]

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You Can’t Un-Read That!

When my daughter started reading it was a sight to behold: you could see her eyes light up knowing that she now had the key to unlock every word put in front of her. They now have meaning, emotion and they can tell her anything she wants to know.  And anything she doesn’t want to […]

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When Every Minute is Accounted For

Since becoming a mother my life has transformed into a living, breathing schedule. Every minute is accounted for, slots of time have specific activities assigned to them, routines have become critical to maintaining order and each action is pre-calculated. Gone is a time when days were fluid and free; errands could be run at a […]

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Parenting Essentials April 2012

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There Goes the Neighborhood

We moved recently, and one of the most wonderful parts of the new neighborhood is that it’s full of children. That’s also one of the downsides of the neighborhood. As soon as we arrived, I mean, as the moving truck was still outside, I saw signs that this neighborhood was kid-friendly. Bikes on the lawns, […]

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