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Camp Adventure

Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Camp for Kids

Educator and working mom Claire Haas, who also serves as vice president of education for Kiddie Academy, offers the following tips for choosing the right summer camp for your child. Send your child to college.  Many community colleges and universities offer summer camp programs that will give your child a taste of campus life, including […]

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Is She Too Young for Stranger Danger?

Every evening I take my daughter for a walk around the block before we have dinner. She loves to be outside, see the train on the tracks behind our house, point at all the “doggies” and say hello to everyone she passes. Since she began talking, I encouraged her to say “hi” to everyone that […]

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The other day I was caught off-guard by my children. This wasn’t one of those moments when I wasn’t looking where I was going; it was a much more visceral thing. I was running late coming home from work, so my kids were already in the house. As I walked into the door, I got […]

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