Monthly Archives: June 2012

baby down slide

The Playground is Scary

My husband and I took our daughter to a new recycled tire playground this past weekend and it was definitely a little overwhelming…for us, not her. I’ve been anxiously waiting a year and a half to be able to take her to playgrounds and let her frolic around, though most of her frolicking was done […]

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going green

Two Green Thumbs Up

My kids are a little bit smug. They pick recyclables out of the kitchen trash and give me stomp toward the recycling container.  They take peels and scraps out of the sink and place them into bowls as my hint to take them to the compost pile. They are wicked little earth-worm diggers and they […]

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The Fun Mom

My daughter pulls me aside over the weekend to have a s.e.r.i.o.u.s talk with me. I was mildly concerned (to say the least) at what bomb she may drop on me. She sat me down, cleared her throat, and began to tell me that I desperately needed to work on my “Fun-ness.” Yes, my little […]

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