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Martha 150x150 About the BloggersMartha: This mom of two manages to work full time and excel at her job, bake cupcakes at a moment’s notice, attend every one of her children’s martial arts and drama classes.  She also makes time to follow trends in mommyhood, politics, business and food. Martha’s quest for perfection usually ends with a full embrace of her failure to achieve it.
Auntie Em 150x150 About the BloggersAuntie Em: This expert mom dispenses wisdom without the unending distraction of her own children.  Professionally, her considerable experience in education, kid’s entertainment and children with special needs guides us.  Personally, her family life includes an abundance of nieces, nephews and a tender heart. Auntie Em is able to offer a fresh perspective on children, while allowing some of us who can’t remember life before diapers and tantrums to live vicariously through her.
clair 150x150 About the BloggersClair: While this isn’t quite the Huxtable family, our Clair juggles the same things: career, husband, house, kids and dogs. Seasoned with healthy neurosis, dysfunction and irreverence she is an utterly realistic and three-dimensional woman. She offers no apology for serving CheezWhiz® as dinner and always manages to share a sharp wit and valued life lesson with her kids.
jane 150x150 About the BloggersG.I. Jane: This new mom is in full combat gear fighting new mom fatigue, navigating grueling hourly feedings and surviving the obstacles of parenthood. As a working new mom, she is tested mentally and physically as she figures out how to juggle work, life and motherhood. Her fresh insight on a new generation of parents and their children is a journey unto itself.
ward2 150x150 About the BloggersWard: Ward has the gargantuan task of reminding us that parenting is not just the work of the mother. Dads admittedly have different methods, tolerance and boundaries; Ward is always one to tell us it can work. Don’t expect Ward’s words to exactly mimic the persona of his namesake – this working dad has a more modern approach to fatherhood.
erin3 150x150 About the BloggersErin: This single mother proves that no feat is too large while raising two children, similar to the real Erin Brockovich who took on a multi-billion dollar company in a class action lawsuit. Erin’s narrative offers a glimpse of what parenthood looks like from a working single mom’s view, which often includes stories of perseverance and optimism without the slightest sign of self-pity.
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