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Five Reasons to Explore Sensory Play

Sensory play is a simple but important concept for teaching children about the world.  We all had our first experience tasting a sour lemon, or holding a cold ice cube.  These are examples of sensory play – using the five senses to investigate your surroundings. Here are five reasons to incorporate sensory play into your […]

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Jewelry Box One

Upcycle a jewelry box

It’s easy being green, so jump on the upcycle bandwagon and create affordable keepsakes in celebration of Earth Day! Here’s an easy kid-friendly tutorial to make your own jewelry box using materials you already have on hand.   Supplies: Empty cardboard box (An old gift box is seen here. Using a leftover shoe box or […]

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KA microphone

Pretend Play: Make a Microphone

Pretending to be a teacher, newscaster or singing star is more than just fun for our kids.  Imaginative or pretend play is an important part of a child’s educational development.  By trying on different roles, children can expand their vocabulary, practice language skills and build their self esteem. Just like handing someone a play phone […]

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Family Craft Halloween Bag

Halloween Bag Tutorial

At Kiddie Academy, our teachers love creating Halloween-themed crafts with children.   At home, collaborating on a project with your children is a great way to share their excitement and create a special keepsake that they can use year after year.  Here’s a fun project designed by Kiddie Academy that you can create together.  Younger children […]

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Thrift Store Bargains for Families

Thrift Store Shopping Tips for Families

I have a confession to make – I am a thrift store addict.  I don’t want help to overcome this addiction.  Actually, I’m recruiting others to this cause. Some of my friends don’t understand my fascination with stopping at every thrift store I see.  And I can’t comprehend their reluctance to buy stuff cheap.  Quite […]

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Eco-Friendly Kids Activities

10 Family-Friendly Earth Day Activities

Looking for ideas for celebrating this year’s Earth Day with your family? Here’s a list of 10 eco-friendly family activities compiled by the Kiddie Academy education team: Involve your children in finding ways to repurpose things you already own before you purchase new items. Ask your children to help you gather gently used items and […]

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Umbrella to Mini Parachute Tutorial by Kiddie Academy

Rainy Day Craft Tutorial: Broken Umbrella to Indoor Parachute

Looking for a fun rainy day activity? Here’s an easy way to re-purpose a broken umbrella into a mini-parachute game. This fun, eco-friendly kids craft project also allows you to sneak in a little education. What better way to illustrate the laws of gravity? Follow these simple instructions, and you’ll have a 5 foot mini-parachute […]

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Pinterest in a box? Genius!

 I won’t speak for every parent out there, but I think many moms (especially of young children) have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I have hundreds of thousands of ideas for everything from a complete ensemble for a getaway to Fiji to how to tile a bathroom to recipes for a five course meal and extravagant table […]

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I am not a “crafty” person. I say that in the most generous interpretation possible…I mean, I’m just completely clueless when it comes to decoupage and papier mache and all that good stuff. I have lots of ideas for things (I could make a whole list of failed or not attempted craft ideas-tiled coffee table, […]

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Kiddie Academy Boo Pencil 2

Ghost on a Stick

School rules sometimes squish the kids’ fun (but they’re important just the same.) Our school is nut-free and candy-free at Halloween.  But that doesn’t stop the super moms from sending in fun stuff for friends.  Here’s a creative, non-candy idea for Halloween that’s easy for busy moms. Especially good alternative for sending treats to school. Pencil […]

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