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Pinterest in a box? Genius!

 I won’t speak for every parent out there, but I think many moms (especially of young children) have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I have hundreds of thousands of ideas for everything from a complete ensemble for a getaway to Fiji to how to tile a bathroom to recipes for a five course meal and extravagant table […]

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Photo Contest Bump

“The Moment I Knew…” Photo Contest!

There is a moment in every parent’s life where she witnesses her child displaying the behavior she’s been so desperately trying to teach them, such as an act of kindness or patience or appreciation. All of these also happen to be the values Kiddie Academy teaches through our Character Education program. This “moment” is the foundation behind our […]

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Even More Thankful for Her…

I’m not alone with this post. I’m one of many, millions. All saying the same thing. All feeling the same thing. Thankfulness for our children. Appreciation for their silliness and smiles and sweet voices. Newfound patience for their tantrums and mistakes. Overwhelming, overflowing love for their very existence. And, now a paralazying fear that something […]

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Busy Parents' Guide to Politics Checklist

Talking Politics…with Kids?

It’s an election year and talk of politics is everywhere. Though this subject can often be a sensitive one, it shouldn’t be off limits with your children. There are many positive ways to talk about an election or politics with your kids that may help reinfoce the importance of respect. Check out our tips and ideas about […]

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To Respectfully Disagree

Confession time: I’m a pusher.  When the opportunity presents itself, I share my political views with my kids.  I am all for their independent thinking and building their own opinions and values of the world.  But something in me cannot just leave it up to chance.  What if Chelsea Clinton had grown up to be […]

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Battling Stress

As a first time parent—side note, at what point I stop referring to myself as that I’m not clear, but I digress—I am constantly questioning, analyzing and evaluating my actions and my daughter’s behavior in some attempt to demystify this thing called parenting. Working for an educational childcare company is somewhat of an occupational hazard. […]

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Filtering for your Children

It happens when we least expect it. You’ve got the TV on in the background while you play Legos with your seven year old and a program begins on the 9/11 Memorial, and he asks, “What’s 9/11?” Your response? “Uhhh…well…it stands for September 11th… and umm, a few years before you were born…a long time […]

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You Can’t Un-Read That!

When my daughter started reading it was a sight to behold: you could see her eyes light up knowing that she now had the key to unlock every word put in front of her. They now have meaning, emotion and they can tell her anything she wants to know.  And anything she doesn’t want to […]

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As a single mom, I find myself bearing the majority of the child-rearing heavy-lifting. Occasionally (frequently), I find myself needing a little reminder that there are bigger and more important things in life than the minutiae of motherhood. In fact, I need this reminding so often that I’ve started a note on my iPhone. I […]

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Moving Day

There are few things in life that are more universally loathed than moving. Moving is one of those shared human experiences, regardless of nationality, creed, or political affiliation that brings us all together, in a mutual distaste for utility companies, broken furniture, and cardboard boxes. So it is with much sighing that I find myself […]

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