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picky eater

Dinner in a Dash!

Sometimes (more like MOST times) I dread dinnertime. Since the day my daughter was born she was a picky eater. She even skipped the baby food stage until she could have solids, and even then she was selective. Now she’s almost three and still won’t try new things. It wasn’t until I read this article […]

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The Crockpot Crackup

It was going to be my day. MY DAY. I had plans. Serious plans. Those plans included bundling up the kids and the hubby and sending them off for a day on the slopes. I was going to put thoughts of crutches and avalanches out of my mind (mostly, really) and just prepare for a […]

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Order Up!

Dinner time is chaotic around here. Well, let me clarify. When the three of us actually sit down to eat, it’s really quite nice. We have always valued the sanctity of the family meal…the kids know that I feel very strongly about taking a few moments to relax and share the best parts of our […]

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