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Children in Playroom

A Few Good Reasons to Feel Great about Child Care

Here are just a few key reasons why your decision to choose child care can be considered advantageous, now and later. Character builder.  Not only does exposing children to caregivers other than their parents help them to become well-rounded as they get older, it encourages them to be more flexible and adaptable in the face […]

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Tell me about it!

Like most working parents, I savor every moment with my children. But let’s face it – those precious moments are usually few and far between during the work week. You only have your children’s full attention for so long, so why not make the best of it? It wasn’t until my two-year old enthusiastically yelled […]

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Kids, Choices and Guilt

When your child is hurt, your heart breaks. When you think your child might be hurt, or he might be faking, your heart is filled with angst-ridden guilt. How do you know what to do? That is the million dollar question. And, after 2 kids, I can say with 100% certainty that regardless of whether […]

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A Parenting Lesson from All Dogs Go to Heaven

I recently introduced the idea of letting my daughter watch a movie on the iPad during the daily 30-minute commute to work and child care (no judgment, please). In a desperate—and cheap—attempt to find something entertaining for her, I downloaded the slightly dated movie All Dogs Go to Heaven. And before I got motivated to […]

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moms and Facebook

Statistics Class

In going through some consumer research for my job in marketing, I recently read a new statistic that said moms check Facebook 4.7 every day—that is considerably more than any other demographic.  I was amazed at the frequency, I mean, who has less time than a mom?  How does she fit in the several minutes […]

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baby at work

Bringing Baby to Work?

Last week there was an emergency at day care and I had to pick up my daughter unexpectedly. With it being only 11:00 a.m. I still had a ton of work to do, and honestly, felt guilty about heading out so early in the day. Knowing I’d be taking a half day of vacation anyways, […]

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Is She Too Young for Stranger Danger?

Every evening I take my daughter for a walk around the block before we have dinner. She loves to be outside, see the train on the tracks behind our house, point at all the “doggies” and say hello to everyone she passes. Since she began talking, I encouraged her to say “hi” to everyone that […]

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When Every Minute is Accounted For

Since becoming a mother my life has transformed into a living, breathing schedule. Every minute is accounted for, slots of time have specific activities assigned to them, routines have become critical to maintaining order and each action is pre-calculated. Gone is a time when days were fluid and free; errands could be run at a […]

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Changing Child Care is No Joke

Before I had a child, child care was just one more thing that came with the territory, a necessity for working parents. When I became pregnant, researching and finding child care suddenly became an overwhelming task, but without knowing exactly what to look for or expect it wasn’t real. It was like the empty crib […]

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Can I teach my Daughter Confidence Now?

I call my 13-month-old daughter beautiful every day. I tell her she’s so pretty. I smile when my husband looks down at her smiling face and says it, but are those words going to give her confidence down the road as a teenager? In a TODAY article, teen girls are asking the Internet if they […]

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