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Children in Playroom

A Few Good Reasons to Feel Great about Child Care

Here are just a few key reasons why your decision to choose child care can be considered advantageous, now and later. Character builder.  Not only does exposing children to caregivers other than their parents help them to become well-rounded as they get older, it encourages them to be more flexible and adaptable in the face […]

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flower girl

Toddlers Do Not Make Good Flowergirls

I understand that having a flower girl in one’s wedding is a tradition that dates back to early Greek and Roman times (really, I’m not making this up) and is meant to scatter some type of flower or grain to represent fertility or eternal love or something… However, it seems to me, as a mother of […]

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moms and Facebook

Statistics Class

In going through some consumer research for my job in marketing, I recently read a new statistic that said moms check Facebook 4.7 every day—that is considerably more than any other demographic.  I was amazed at the frequency, I mean, who has less time than a mom?  How does she fit in the several minutes […]

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I’m a Mom and I Know It

Every once in a while I find myself caught in a true parental moment and realize I’m part of the club. Sometimes it’s an unavoidable situation, such as being thrown up on in the middle of the night by a sick child, or maybe it’s a completely impetuous act. But either way, I’m forced to […]

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The Fun Mom

My daughter pulls me aside over the weekend to have a s.e.r.i.o.u.s talk with me. I was mildly concerned (to say the least) at what bomb she may drop on me. She sat me down, cleared her throat, and began to tell me that I desperately needed to work on my “Fun-ness.” Yes, my little […]

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As a single mom, I find myself bearing the majority of the child-rearing heavy-lifting. Occasionally (frequently), I find myself needing a little reminder that there are bigger and more important things in life than the minutiae of motherhood. In fact, I need this reminding so often that I’ve started a note on my iPhone. I […]

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Top 10

In honor of my little sister, who is about to have her first child, I thought I would put together a Top 10 List: Things I Wish I Had Known. 10.  Buy a good washer/dryer. The amount of laundry that one infant dirties violates every law of physics and matter…it multiplies exponentially. 9.  Don’t tiptoe […]

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The Crockpot Crackup

It was going to be my day. MY DAY. I had plans. Serious plans. Those plans included bundling up the kids and the hubby and sending them off for a day on the slopes. I was going to put thoughts of crutches and avalanches out of my mind (mostly, really) and just prepare for a […]

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Me Time

I’m a single mom. Most of the time, being a single mom is tough…probably even tougher than being part of a couple of parents. It’s been a really long time since I’ve had another grownup body in the house, so I can barely remember what it was like to run to the store without advance […]

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Ladies’ Night

Six Saturdays from now is blocked off on my calendar. Well, all of my calendars: the work one, the personal one, and the one I share with my children’s father. There are few details on that calendar entry; all it says is “Ladies’ Night.” It started off as “Girls’ Night,” but then I got a […]

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