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Five Steps to Avoid Burnout

When it comes to being a parent, burnout is enemy number one. There are 93,000+ articles about mom burnout on Google search, so it must be happening to a lot of us. Burning out means slowing down, and slowing down means getting less done in an already-hectic day. Our kids rely on us to be […]

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9 Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Day

So we get an extra day in February during a Leap Year. But, it’s not like we get ten extra days. With only one extra day, we still have to make the most of our time and resources to get our to-do lists done in 24 hours, which never seems like enough time. So today’s […]

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Best books for New Moms

Best Books for New Moms

One of the exciting things about becoming a mother is getting the opportunity to join and participate in a dynamic conversation already in progress about one of the most important jobs in the world: parenting. From blogs, magazines, Twitter and Instagram, first-time moms are jumping into chats and private Facebook groups to listen to and […]

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Best Things Every Work-At-Home Mom Needs

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, 23 percent of employed adults do some or all of their job working from home. The many women who make a living working from home have popularized the “WAHM” (work-at-home-mom) acronym on Facebook or forums, and they’ve become masters at squeezing an eight-hour work day in between […]

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Being a Role “MOm”DEL

A common theme in parenting advice tends to lean on the idea of encouraging parents to, very simply, model the behavior they want to see their children demonstrate. After all, if the old adage is true that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” our little ones will soon begin to reflect what they […]

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Conversation Starters

What are your kids up to these days?

When it comes to catching up with friends who are also parents, the one question I love to ask them is, “so, what fun things is your child doing right now?” And, now that I am a mom of an actual preschooler, I ask, “what are they learning? Saying? Singing?” and beyond. Since our kids […]

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Back to School

Hey summer, where the heck did you go?  As summertime quickly comes to a close, so do the days of relaxed schedules and routines for me and my kids. Yes, I’m glad my little ones will get back to learning on a daily basis but there’s just something about summer I don’t want to let […]

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Bringing home baby

As a mother of two, I have experienced the bliss (and utter craziness) of bringing home a newborn baby before. In fact, as I prepare to bring home my third baby in a matter of weeks, one would think I’m prepared. A seasoned pro. A baby whisperer. But can I tell you a secret? Those […]

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The Best Source for Your Parenting Problems? Other Moms

Searching for the solution to your teething infants’ sore gums? Baffled by your toddler’s refusal to use the toilet? Wondering if it’s normal for your preschooler to change outfits several times a day? You just might find the answer to these and other parenting puzzlers by going straight to an expert source: other moms. If […]

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Because the Little Things Add Up: Saving Money on Work-Related Purchases

Ever feel like you can’t earn money fast enough to support all the purchases that get you through the work week—like professional clothes, transportation, child care costs and those must-have caffeine boosters? If so, try these cost-cutting strategies. Sign up for a flexible spending account (FSA). A FSA helps defray the cost of child care […]

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