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Kids, Choices and Guilt

When your child is hurt, your heart breaks. When you think your child might be hurt, or he might be faking, your heart is filled with angst-ridden guilt. How do you know what to do? That is the million dollar question. And, after 2 kids, I can say with 100% certainty that regardless of whether […]

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To Respectfully Disagree

Confession time: I’m a pusher.  When the opportunity presents itself, I share my political views with my kids.  I am all for their independent thinking and building their own opinions and values of the world.  But something in me cannot just leave it up to chance.  What if Chelsea Clinton had grown up to be […]

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history lesson

History Lesson

My daughter has started her state history unit in school. I remember 2 years ago when my son had the same unit. It was fun to talk with him about the rich history of our state. But, what I am noticing is that although it may be the same teacher teaching the same unit, what […]

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He’s a Runaway

Recently, my older son, who is now eight, has been learning to deal with his emotions.  He has a tendency to turn small episodes into large emotional outbursts.  After talking to friends, I have discovered this is a normal developmental stage that he will outgrow, though not soon enough for me.  Last Saturday, after getting up, […]

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The Fight

I was at work yesterday and my phone rings.  As most people do, I checked the phone number to see if I recognized it.  It was one of those familiar looking numbers that I just couldn’t place.  So, feeling like I needed to add a little risk to my day in the office, I answered the […]

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I am not a “crafty” person. I say that in the most generous interpretation possible…I mean, I’m just completely clueless when it comes to decoupage and papier mache and all that good stuff. I have lots of ideas for things (I could make a whole list of failed or not attempted craft ideas-tiled coffee table, […]

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My Kids – They Love to Hate Each Other

I was smart, crazy, whatever you want to call it, and I had my kids close together…18 months close. The first 2 or 6 years were a blur, but now, as they are getting older it is a lot of fun. They are becoming individual people. They are no longer a package deal. When they […]

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Order Up!

Dinner time is chaotic around here. Well, let me clarify. When the three of us actually sit down to eat, it’s really quite nice. We have always valued the sanctity of the family meal…the kids know that I feel very strongly about taking a few moments to relax and share the best parts of our […]

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Plugged In

I was listening to public radio the other day and I heard a great story about multi-tasking. The point of the segment was that all of the technology that we rely on daily has actually changed the way our brains function. Our brains (and those of our teenagers) have actually changed to accept lots of […]

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Bathroom MacGyver

When I go into my son’s bathroom I find the usual toothpaste, toothbrush, wadded up towels, piles of clothes, and such. But, I also find the not-so-usual duct tape, pocket knife, action figures, Guinness Book of World Records, paper, pencil, and Sweet Tarts. Sweet Tarts, really? What. Is. He. Doing. In. There? So, as any […]

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